Cloud Services: What you need to know about finding the value proposition

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You will be assimilated, resistance is futile. – The Borg – Star Trek, The Next Generation As cloud services and technologies rapidly improve and the provision of valuable IT services evolves into an a la carte, “everything as a service” model, one thing is for certain: we are on the threshold of a massive transformation. And it… Read more »

Data Loss and Prevention: 4 Sure-fire Ways to Protect Your Business

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Data loss and prevention isn’t usually a topic of conversation. But as business leaders and owners, department heads and managers, sales and marketing teams, accounting departments and end users are all busy creating data and tons of it-it needs to be on the front burner. Obviously, this information runs your business; it may be the… Read more »

Hardware-as-a-Service: 4 Ways in which Every Small Business can Benefit

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Hardware-as-a-Service – aka HaaS – may not yet be a term you are overly familiar with, but if you or your business are looking at ways to streamline and normalize your Information Technology spend, Hardware-as-a-Service is a great place to start. In order to gain a better understanding of Hardware-as-a-Service, one need only consider SaaS… Read more »

Wanted: Computer Support Technician, Must be Able to Multitask

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I saw a job posting the other day for a computer support technician in Vancouver.  A line in the posting struck me: “Must be able to multitask.” With the crazy amount of stimuli we are assaulted with every day, we have been duped into believing that multitasking is a required skill.  Some folks actually brag… Read more »

The Commoditization of Network Support

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The commoditization of network support is no different than the commoditization of everything else.  When the only negotiation point is the lower right-hand corner of the quote, you’re a commodity.  And no business is impervious to the race to commoditization – none.  We’ve all become like washing machines: you put dirty clothes in and they… Read more »