Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad

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A lot of people would accuse me of being an Apple hater,  but I’m not though – I do own an iPod, I have bought my wife two versions of the iPhone and my daughter owns an iPod Touch so we do have our share of Apple products in our house.  I just don’t see… Read more »

Which Tablet Should I Buy?

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Last week I was chatting online with my dad (I know!).  He asked me what I thought about BlackBerry’s chances in the coming months specifically when (or if) they finally release BB10 the much anticipated – and thoroughly delayed – operating system touted as being their phoenix.  My dad is a retired financial analyst who… Read more »

Why in the World Would Anyone Upgrade to Windows 8?

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Trick question.  The actual question should be:  Why in the world wouldn’t everyone upgrade to Windows 8?  There are so many reasons to upgrade to Windows 8.  Windows 8 is by far and away the most robust and secure operating system Microsoft has ever created – bar none.  Used to be that every second version of… Read more »

Network Security – Some Folks Still Don’t Get It

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Ah yes – the ubiquitous password.  Remarkably, nearly half the internet users in the world still don’t get network security.  Which leads me to share something with you and no; it’s not my password or my P@ssw0rd or even my p@55w0rd.  No, it’s my two and only axioms: Firstly, that some people need to get… Read more »

Cloud Services – Confusion Reigns Supreme

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So tell me something I don’t know. Actually, I’ll tell you what most people still don’t know: what the cloud is besides a very hot and likely somewhat over-discussed topic. So if it is over-discussed why am I bringing up cloud services again? Couldn’t resist – check out this recent survey… A recent survey of… Read more »

The Modern Worker – 15 Facts

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I have to admit, I completely “borrowed” all of this from a Steve Balmer (Microsoft CEO) address at the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. But I found the facts so facinating that I had to share them. Today’s modern worker is so different from the stereotypical 9 to 5 worker of yesteryear as… Read more »

Forecast Calls for Cloud – But with a Whole Lot of Rain to Boot

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Whenever you consider a change to how you access and control your intellectual property – especially the cloud – you need to make sure you have considered everything, so read the fine print.  In many cases, the cloud has been an indispensable addition to the IT infrastructure.  It is scalable, reasonably inexpensive (with a few of… Read more »

Top 10 Tech Quotes of 2011

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Well, that year flew by in a flash didn’t it?  Seems like every time you turn around it’s Christmas again already – yikes!  Before that happens again, I thought it might be fun to look back at a snapshot of interesting quotes surrounding the tech sector.  Some are funny, some are irreverent and some are… Read more »