Information Technology as a Business Process

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I’ve noticed an interesting trend of late that, in my humble opinion, is long overdue: the notion that IT support shouldn’t just be about keeping the network up and running anymore – in other words – information technology as a business process. And that if your provider is only looking to accomplish this, they (and by extension you)… Read more »

What’s the Price of Good Fire Insurance?

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Here’s some questions for you: Did you buy fire insurance for your house or business last year? Did anything burn down? No?Are you angry about that? Didn’t think so. Here’s another question for you: Are you intending on buying fire insurance this year? Thought so. Obviously, those of us who have it within our means… Read more »

Ooops – pardon my rudeness…

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The most popular method of business communication is by far and away (wait for it…) – email! Wow, what a revelation – now tell me something I don’t know. While that certainly is no a-ha moment, email leaves a helluva lot to be desired as a method of communication. It has become the easy way… Read more »

HP Calls It a Day: TouchPad and PC Death Knell Sounded

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Figures. The day after I blog about tablet wars, HP decides to dump the TouchPad and put webOS on ice. Yup, after only 6 weeks, millions in development and advertising, HP pulled the plug. But the TouchPad didn’t jump off the bridge alone, no sir – it took the PC division with it. That’s right,… Read more »

Tablet Wars: Who’s Camp are You In?

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This may well be the most hotly contested piece of technology real estate since the advent of the personal computer 30 years (almost to the day). And as all the players scramble to market – in many cases nowhere near ready – everyone is asking: “Who has the best tablet available?” Which one is faster,… Read more »

Hacking and Cybercrime – 5 Really Easy Ways to Stop It Cold

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I know hacking and cybercrime is a tired old subject but as an IT support company, our Help Desk people continue to field calls from folks who have managed to find themselves smacked down by the latest Trojan, malware, virus or <insert favourite web threat here>. And it isn’t always novice computer users who click… Read more »

Managing the Corporate Internet

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The other day we busted one of our employees gaming on the internet during work hours. Because we have the same concerns as you – getting the most out of our employees while still some fun from time to time – I was understandably irritated. I mean, after all if you run your outfit like… Read more »