Finally – A Good Use for Social Media

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First off, let me preface by saying I think there are a lot of great uses for Social Media and I wrote a blog about the business case for Social Media so I do believe in the power of this latest of internet phenomena. But it does have a dark side not unlike the rest… Read more »

Implementing a VoIP Solution – 3 Critical Steps

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Not since the advent of the PC has there been a technology more tailor-made for the small business than VoIP – especially since you’d be awfully hard pressed to find a network out there that isn’t IP based anymore. And as I discussed in my last blog, the benefits are many and diverse; from reducing… Read more »

Metal theft goes from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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Anyone who isn’t living in a cave has heard about the steady increase of the theft of metals since commodity prices started going up in the last couple of years. Absolutely nothing is sacred anymore – from fence posts and street signs, to manhole covers and hydro cables, to children’s playground equipment and memorial markers… Read more »