Adaptive Security Architecture

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New Year, New Threats.

hackingAs we all rush back from the holiday season and headlong into the influx of work, two things are certain: we are in a new year, and security threats are more numerous than ever. Our Help Desk continues to take calls from folks who have managed to find themselves smacked down by the latest Trojan, malware, virus or ransomware. And it isn’t always novice computer users who click on the wrong link or download the wrong “killer app” – sometimes it’s users who really ought to know better.

Part of the problem with hacking and cybercrime is the fact that we are eternally locked in a battle between good and evil like some warped game of cops and robbers. The bad guys create new threats and we scramble to lock them down; rinse and repeat. As threats evolve and adapt, we also need to evolve and adapt. Fortunately, there are ways to combat cyber crime that, comparatively speaking, don’t cost much, are easy to do and will certainly help you over time.

User Training

Being vigilant online is important for you to avoid falling into a scammer’s or hacker’s trap. As we all know the standard scams – like “you have won a free trip to Aruba” or “buy the best price medication here” are obvious. But online threats have become far subtler and clever.  For example, it is now very common to see hackers using logos and web pages that appear to be from trusted companies asking you to “update your account information”. These can be very authentic looking and even a savvy user can be fooled if you let your guard down even for a moment.  Learn how to defend yourself with a good offense.

Spam Protection

Did you know that 96% of all email sent is spam? And 75% of malware infections are email-borne so the threat of spam goes well beyond the nuisance factor. To avoid spam in the first place we recommend first filtering offsite to remove the most obvious and virus laden spam messages and then further filtering onsite. Barring that, in the settings of every major email provider, there are options to filter out spam; usually not that potent but certainly better than nothing at all. Remember, spam is a very real threat to your data and taking the time to craft an antispam strategy will go a long way to protecting you in the long run.


We all need a firewall; for your personal computers at home, but especially for your business. Using a personal firewall for your company won’t cut it. Your company data is important and purchasing a commercial grade firewall can protect firewallyou, your data and your employees. Look for a commercial grade firewall with built-in anti-virus and anti-malware services for all devices (mobile, desktop, laptop).

At Syncronet, we are experts in network support and security for all types of hacking and cyber crime. We’d be happy to look over your security systems and policies to help you stack up against the seamy underbelly of the web. Give us a call or drop us a line at

Stay safe out there!