Phishing Scams Becoming More Sophisticated

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In a world where it seems very little is sacred and next to nothing can be trusted, protecting yourself against phishing scams just got tougher. The bad guys are becoming increasingly clever and the days of easily spotting a scam due to “bad Engrish” and bogus-looking emails are all but completely gone. Here’s the latest… Read more »

Moving to the Microsoft Cloud

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It’s been said that the devil is in the details.  No truer words were spoken especially when it comes to migrations to the cloud.  In addition, if that migration includes moving your email to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud, you can double down on that statement.  We’ve done a number or Office 365 migrations and… Read more »

This just in – your password sucks!

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Does your security include passwords that have eight characters, begin with a capital letter, end with a number, and have a special character? Congrats! You are still easy pickins! Yup – believe it or not, your password sucks. It’s not your fault. You’ve been conditioned to use weenie passwords. All the websites advocate it. They… Read more »