Information Technology as a Business Process

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I’ve noticed an interesting trend of late that, in my humble opinion, is long overdue: the notion that IT support shouldn’t just be about keeping the network up and running anymore – in other words – information technology as a business process. And that if your provider is only looking to accomplish this, they (and by extension you)… Read more »

What’s the Price of Good Fire Insurance?

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Here’s some questions for you: Did you buy fire insurance for your house or business last year? Did anything burn down? No?Are you angry about that? Didn’t think so. Here’s another question for you: Are you intending on buying fire insurance this year? Thought so. Obviously, those of us who have it within our means… Read more »

HP Calls It a Day: TouchPad and PC Death Knell Sounded

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Figures. The day after I blog about tablet wars, HP decides to dump the TouchPad and put webOS on ice. Yup, after only 6 weeks, millions in development and advertising, HP pulled the plug. But the TouchPad didn’t jump off the bridge alone, no sir – it took the PC division with it. That’s right,… Read more »

Managing the Corporate Internet

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The other day we busted one of our employees gaming on the internet during work hours. Because we have the same concerns as you – getting the most out of our employees while still some fun from time to time – I was understandably irritated. I mean, after all if you run your outfit like… Read more »

Implementing a VoIP Solution – 3 Critical Steps

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Not since the advent of the PC has there been a technology more tailor-made for the small business than VoIP – especially since you’d be awfully hard pressed to find a network out there that isn’t IP based anymore. And as I discussed in my last blog, the benefits are many and diverse; from reducing… Read more »