The Truth About Cloud Services

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Is your business leveraging the cloud in the most efficient and least costly way possible that delivers simultaneous value to your clients and your company?  For a moment, let’s dismiss the details of what those services might be and focus more along the lines of the business drivers that guide IT infrastructure decisions. Cost Most… Read more »

Corporate Security – 5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Your Business Hacked

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The #1 cause of planes falling out of the sky is pilot error. Interestingly, it’s also the #1 cause of compromised corporate security but in this case, planes don’t usually fall out of the sky and “pilots” are seated comfortably in office chairs all over our great nation. But that doesn’t mean the results can’t… Read more »

Cloud Services: What you need to know about finding the value proposition

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You will be assimilated, resistance is futile. – The Borg – Star Trek, The Next Generation As cloud services and technologies rapidly improve and the provision of valuable IT services evolves into an a la carte, “everything as a service” model, one thing is for certain: we are on the threshold of a massive transformation. And it… Read more »

Contemplating a Transition to the Cloud? – Think SharePoint

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Since the release of Office 365, we have been getting deluged with questions about its features and benefits.  There are a lot of people seem to have the idea that it’s only all about Outlook, Exchange and the ability to have the latest version of Microsoft Office.  And while those are important features (each with… Read more »