5 Signs That It May Be Time to Reassess Your Network Admin Position

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It’s no secret that the network admin for your company wields a ton of power over your business’ information technology. They can be the difference between a company that underperforms or a company that really sings. Heck, to a large extent they can determine whether you sink or swim. That’s a lot of control for… Read more »

Corporate Security – 5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Your Business Hacked

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The #1 cause of planes falling out of the sky is pilot error. Interestingly, it’s also the #1 cause of compromised corporate security but in this case, planes don’t usually fall out of the sky and “pilots” are seated comfortably in office chairs all over our great nation. But that doesn’t mean the results can’t… Read more »

5 Reasons to Outsource IT Services

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Entrepreneurs – if there is one thing they all have in common it is the overwhelming penchant for wanting to do everything themselves.  Most entrepreneurs are really lousy at delegating to their own people let alone an outside specialist.  Given that no one is an expert at everything, the characteristic of not letting go can… Read more »

Information Technology as a Business Process

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I’ve noticed an interesting trend of late that, in my humble opinion, is long overdue: the notion that IT support shouldn’t just be about keeping the network up and running anymore – in other words – information technology as a business process. And that if your provider is only looking to accomplish this, they (and by extension you)… Read more »