Email security

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Email security sounds a bit like somewhat of an oxymoron, really – a little like jumbo shrimp or army intelligence. And if my 16 year old daughter took off her headphones long enough to hear me, her response would be: “Oh my gawd, Daddy. Puh-lease – no one actually uses email anymore!” Still, despite her… Read more »

Strategies for Safe Computing in an Increasingly Dangerous World

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Ransomware, KRACKS exploit, Bitcoin miners, Meltdown and Spectre…  Yikes!  It’s getting downright scary out there!  I have an idea though: let’s encase each and every computer in concrete and bury them thirty-nine and a half feet down under the ground.  The chances of being compromised then drop below 1%, but not zero… All kidding aside,… Read more »

Cybercrime – 7 Million Largely Preventable Incidents

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Not wanting to be an alarmist but I’m going to be anyway. Why? As a public service announcement, that’s why. Seven million Canadians were victimized by cybercrime last year as chronicled by the Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report. Think about that for a moment… seven million Canadians… That’s like, pushing 20% and that’s just nuts! Actually,… Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Better Network Security

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Waiting in lineups really isn’t all that much fun. But standing in line waiting to run the gamut at an airport is even worse. You always feel rushed to get out your laptop or tablet, get all the metal out of your pockets, remove your shoes and belt – you know the drill… But whether it is… Read more »

5 Common Legends About Viruses and How to Avoid Them

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Few would disagree that the computer has been the most important invention of the last 100 years. These common yet complex devices are almost solely responsible for ushering in the Information Age. But of course, with every boon comes a boondoggle: viruses and malware. And because of the well-publicized ability to do incredible damage, the… Read more »

17 Million Devices Are An Immediate Network Security Risk

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Technology continues its creep into every aspect of our life. And the sheer number of connected devices we use also continues to grow at breakneck speed. This has led to the inevitable spike in the number and severity of network security risks we’re facing daily. It seems that almost every day a new security threat… Read more »

Network Security – Some Folks Still Don’t Get It

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Ah yes – the ubiquitous password.  Remarkably, nearly half the internet users in the world still don’t get network security.  Which leads me to share something with you and no; it’s not my password or my P@ssw0rd or even my p@55w0rd.  No, it’s my two and only axioms: Firstly, that some people need to get… Read more »