Cybercrime – 7 Million Largely Preventable Incidents

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Not wanting to be an alarmist but I’m going to be anyway. Why? As a public service announcement, that’s why. Seven million Canadians were victimized by cybercrime last year as chronicled by the Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report. Think about that for a moment… seven million Canadians… That’s like, pushing 20% and that’s just nuts! Actually,… Read more »

Ooops – pardon my rudeness…

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The most popular method of business communication is by far and away (wait for it…) – email! Wow, what a revelation – now tell me something I don’t know. While that certainly is no a-ha moment, email leaves a helluva lot to be desired as a method of communication. It has become the easy way… Read more »

Tablet Wars: Who’s Camp are You In?

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This may well be the most hotly contested piece of technology real estate since the advent of the personal computer 30 years (almost to the day). And as all the players scramble to market – in many cases nowhere near ready – everyone is asking: “Who has the best tablet available?” Which one is faster,… Read more »