Wanted: Computer Support Technician, Must be Able to Multitask

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computer support technicianI saw a job posting the other day for a computer support technician in Vancouver.  A line in the posting struck me: “Must be able to multitask.”

With the crazy amount of stimuli we are assaulted with every day, we have been duped into believing that multitasking is a required skill.  Some folks actually brag about this so-called talent!  Truth is, that’s rubbish.  No one can multitask – no one; that is, short of patting your head while rubbing your tummy or chewing gum while walking.

All we are really able to do is time slice.  Do a few minutes (or seconds) of one activity and then the same for another (and another and another).  All you end up with is a half-hearted effort on everything and nothing done well.  If you were going into the hospital for surgery, would you want your doctor to be checking his email every 5 minutes?  Would you feel comfortable about the bus driver was filling out his time sheet while making a left turn during rush hour?  How about the computer tech reformatting someone else’s hard drive while restoring your desparately needed data?  Hope he doesn’t mix those two up…  Nope – if I’m hiring a computer support technician and the prospect proudly states his ability to multitask, he is quietly removed from my list of candidates.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth devoting uninterrupted time and effort.