Managed Service Providers – Creating Confidence for Business

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Managed service providers have become a very integral part of running a successful small to medium sized business (and some larger ones too).  Most forward-thinking organizations understand the math behind this notion and use some form of managed service in their IT operations today.  Jack  Welch really hits the nail on the head with his statement: “You shouldn’t have something in your back office that exists in someone else’s front office.”  If it’s not part of your core competency – and for most businesses, IT is definitely NOT a core competency – then outsourcing it to someone who will look after the entire enchilada for you makes a lot of sense.

It dawned on me a while back that we’re not really in the business of “fixing stuff”.  I mean, sure we do that – a ton of it in fact – but there is a byproduct of our efforts that tends to be a little less tangible but a whole lot more important in the big picture and that is to create confidence.

A brilliant man – Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach – taught me that having confidence is the single most important ability we can have.  And it most definitely is an ability and it can be learned.  Everyone has a certain amount of confidence – some more than others – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be created and nurtured for everyone.  Even a real Shrinking Violet can be coaxed and coached out of their shell given the right motivations.

A good managed service provider creates and nurtures confidence the same way that any service provider of any kind does.  Every single action of a managed service provider either creates confidence or erodes it.  When we respond rapidly to high-impact IT issues and resolve them quickly, we create the confidence a CEO needs to allow them to concentrate fully on advancing her business to the next level.  Conversely, when we fail to fix that same problem (for the 3rd bloody time), we erode that confidence greatly.

Every single thing we want to accomplish comes with confidence as the core.  If you have the confidence it takes, you can do anything.  As a managed service provider, when a new prospect asks me what we do, my new answer moving forward is: We create confidence.

Does your managed service provider give you confidence?  Is providing you with the confidence in your information systems you need to advance your cause first and foremost on their list?  If the answer is yes, then celebrate that relationship and look for ways to leverage it.  If not, give us a call and get your confidence back.