Tablet vs. Laptop – Who Will Come Out on Top

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When Steve Jobs first birthed the iPad, many folks in my industry lampooned it as a giant iPhone – without the phone.  Most of us thought the tablet would float like a concrete balloon.  Boy, were we ever wrong.  Goes to show you that a tech stock day trader, I ain’t!

So here I go with yet another fearless prediction since my last one was so spot on:  The tablet will NOT replace the notebook, or the PC.  Apparently, I’m in the minority on this one too.  Polling outfit Poll Position petitioned some 1100 American consumers and found that nearly 50% of them think it will, 35% say it won’t (there are some smart people south of the border after all) and the rest have no idea (or don’t care).

And before you say “Ah, it’s just all the old curmudgeons like you that think the tablet is a passing fad”, check the breakdown on the polling results:

  • 51% of those aged 18 – 29 think tablets can displace notebooks
  • 63% of those aged 30 – 44 think so
  • 70% for the 45 – 64 year old crowd
  • 75% of 65 and older think notebooks are doomed

syncronet custom IT solutionsSo for once, it’s all the oldtimers making the bold tech predictions – oh, how the worm has turned!  And it would appear that men like tabs more than women with 53% of men saying it will happen compared to only 39% of women thinking the tab will usurp the notebook.

Funny, the facts would suggest otherwise: DisplaySearch reports that some 72.7 million tablets flew off the shelves last year.  Pretty impressive numbers but paltry compared to the 187.5 million laptops that sold over the same period.  Although they do predict that by 2017, the tablet will have garnered some 383 million units sold, that still trails the predicted notebook sales of 432 million.  Interesting numbers indeed.

But here’s the deal: Notebooks are for creating content and tablets are for consuming it.  Period.  And that’s the real reason tablets will never replace notebooks.  I mean, have you ever actually tried to create a spreadsheet on a tablet?  Sheesh!