The Hard Facts about Email Security

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It’s no secret that businesses rely on email as the primary communication tool from customer service to internal communication.  The sad reality of this obvious fact is that it makes email an incredibly effective tool for cybercrime.  Take email security too lightly and you could end up paying a steep price.  Here are some sobering facts to consider…

– Near 70% of all malware is delivered via email

– Nearly 50% of all malware attacks come via Office docs

– Half of all small and medium sized businesses have suffered a cyber-breach

– The costs can be astronomical at upwards of $1M reported as being the average loss

– 85% of all organizations have experienced a phishing scam

– 91% of all successful attacks started with a phishing email

– Phishing definitely works! 30% open rate6 compared to a typical open rate of 22%

– And sophistication is on the rise with two thirds of all SMB’s being targeted for spear phishing

– Roughly 60% of all malware payloads were laden with ransomware

Staying safe


Staying safe and secure can be difficult for sure – but not impossible and there are three primary steps involved in the “best practices” for email security:

1. Use multiple layers of security – don’t just rely on antivirus alone
2. Provide user training – teach your end-users how to be on the lookout for suspect emails
3. Email security supplementation – incorporate offsite strategies that filter email BEFORE they make it to your Inbox

How to Ensure You Stay Protected


mail filtering

Washing mail offsite before it makes it to your Inbox is probably the easiest, most effective (not to mention cost-conscious) way of heading malware off at the pass.

Don’t become a statistic. Reach out to us today and let us help you craft an all-encompassing email security strategy!