Why a Hybrid Cloud is the Perfect Solution for your Business

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cloud3Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud – all part of the ever-expanding ways that we can leverage the cloud in our efforts to be bigger, better, faster and stronger businesses. Trouble is, there some barriers that have to be overcome before most businesses can truly take advantage of what the cloud has to offer. High-speed internet bandwidth costs and availability are still a big problem for companies that are not in the heart of a downtown business district. So are legacy applications that are not overly “internet friendly” or were not designed to be used in a cloud environment – some flat out don’t work. So there are some serious complexities that need to be understood clearly before undertaking any initiatives to move anything to the cloud. The reality is, the cloud is neither simple nor the “be all, end all” – yet.


cloud computingThe solution for businesses who want to leverage the power of the cloud is a mix of traditional computing (on-premise hardware and software e.g. servers and PCs onsite) and cloud based services otherwise known as Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid cloud gives the savvy business the best of both worlds. You can run some services – like email and disaster recovery / business continuity which work quite nicely in the cloud today while you run your more traditional services – line-of-business applications, design and graphics apps, some accounting apps, as well as a host of other legacy-type services that may be less internet or remote access friendly – on premise the way you do now.

cloud computing valueWhat’s the benefit of a Hybrid Cloud solution? Greater flexibility. Lower up front cost. No ownership of products that you can no longer use in 3 -5 years, enhanced remote access to critical data – all good things. But the biggest benefit may be the fact that leveraging some cloud services now in a hybrid cloud model now, sets you up for an easier transition fully to the cloud later. Think baby steps. Some cloud services now, more cloud services later when the landscape changes, such as better internet or more internet friendly line-of-business apps.

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